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1.1. Remote Desktop

SIMS Setup

Install Microsoft Remote Desktop if not installed.  Start New and call Sims.  Populate as follows:

Create folder on user’s computer for SIMS downloads.  This will redirect the downloads created on the SIMS server to the local user’s computer.

You will edit the Sims connection and choose Redirection.

Click new and browse to the location of the newly created folder.

Browse to the location and choose the folder created.

**If you get a corruption or weird behavior on your connection, sometimes it just goes corrupt.

In the connection list of MS Remote Desktop, highlight the SIMS connection.

While high-lighted to the File menu at the top and choose Duplicate.

You will then have 2 Sims connections listed.  You’ll want to delete the original highlighted entry. The new connection will not carry over any of the corrupted data.

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