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1. General Information

How do I call Emergency Services?

You can dial 911 or 9-911. Both ways will get you Emergency Services Dispatcher.


How do I call someone within the school district?
You simply need to dial that persons 4 digit phone number. You may look in the phone directory on your phone for the number or refer to your staff directory.


How do I change my Voice Mail?
1. Dial Voice Mail, 2999 from within the School District, or 427-2999 from outside the district. (If you are not at your phone, or outside the district, you will need to press * and enter your mailbox number.) You will need to enter your mailbox number and password.

2. Press U, to change user options.

3. Press G, to change your greeting.

4. Record new message. If you do not like your first message, you can rerecord the message until you are happy with it.

5. You are not done yet, you must press X for the changes to be saved.


How do I get my voice mail when I'm not at my phone?
You can retrieve your voice mail at another phone in the district or from an outside phone by doing the following.

1) Inside Blair Schools, dial 2999, outside Blair Schools dial 427-2999.

2) When the voice begins to speak, press the star key.

3) You will be prompted for your mailbox number (that is your extention number) and password. You can then navigate through the options.


How do I know if I have a voice mail and retrieve my voice mail?
You will have a flasing light on the phone if you have a voice mail. If you do not share a phone, it will be the light on the top of the phone. If you share a phone it could be either the light on top or one of the buttons on the side of the phone.

To retreive the voice mail, press the message button. You will be prompted for your password. Once in the voice mail system, you will be instructed on how to play, save, delete, etc. the message.


How do I make an outside/long distance call?
You must dial 9 before making any outgoing call. The long distance codes are still required and are the same as before.


How do I retrieve a saved voice mail when the message indicator light is not flashing?
Dial 2999, this gets you into the voicemail system. See other FAQs for more info.


How do I transfer a call to someone's voice mail box?
With the caller on your phone, press the trans/conf button, (do not put the caller on hold). Dial 2999, when the voice mail announcement begins, press #. You will be prompted to enter a voice mail box, enter the extention number of the person you are sending the voice mail to. Immediately hang up, this transfers the call to voice mail.


How do I transfer a call?
With the caller on your phone, press the trans/conf button, (do not put the caller on hold). Dial the extension of the person you are transferring to. You can hang up and the call is transferred, or you may wait on the line and announce the call to the person, then hang up and the call is transferred. (Shortcut-if the one you are transferring to is programmed on your phone, simply press that button, it automatically goes into transfer mode.)

If the person you are transferring to does not want the call, press cancel to bring the caller back to you.


Setting Up Your Voice Mail.
To set up your voice mail, you will be prompted for three things: 1) new voicemail password, 2) your greeting, i.e. name and 3) greeting message.

To get to your voicemail, dial 2999, you will be prompted for a password, the default password is 1111. You will then be in the set up mode for the above.


Where can I get documentation on the telephone set that I have?
Please refer to the Documents section of this web site for the downloadable user guides and quick reference guides.

Will my classroom phone ring during the day?

Any calls from outside the school district will be directed to your voicemail. The classroom phones will be directed to voicemail beginning at 8:00 am and will be opened up for outside calls again at 3:30 pm.

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