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Submitting electronic jobs to print center.

1. Web Submission of Print Orders

1.1. Instructions

Web Submission of print jobs to the print center.

Open a browser and go to:  printcenter.blairschools.org (This website is available outside of the school network)

You will be prompted to login with your network account and password.


After logging in the first time, you will need to complete your profile information. 


Your profile information can be edited by clicking on your name displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the main page.  You may click on the ‘bear paw’ on the right-hand side and this will open the Blair Schools home page.


The 3 main categories are displayed on the home page.  You may click on each item, and several more options will appear.


‘Build Your Own’ will be used the most often.  In this category are the following 4 items.

Build Your Job has the most options available for edit. 

Color of the Month will not have a color option and is only letter size.

Build Your Job Card Stock will only display the card stock options available.

Creating Sets is used for multiple sets of a job.  i.e.  3 sets of 24 copies.


Build Your Own




**File types allowed for submission – PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint** FOR BEST RESULTS USE PDF!


Digital File selection opens your local Finder


Select your document and choose Open.  Once the file has completed its upload, a preview will display and show the number of pages the system found in your document.


Once you have completed all of the options available, click ADD in the lower right-hand corner.


On the main login page under Basket you will now see your print job with its estimated number of pages*


You can submit more than one print job at a time.  You will see multiple items in your basket.  *The estimated price on items is used more for reporting later on.  Also ‘sets’ does not accurately reflect the total number of pages.  Cost center reporting will be implemented later.

When all of your jobs are completed, you will Checkout to submit your electronic print requests to the Print Center.



Press Checkout, review information, supply School Building and hit Submit

 From the main login page, you may click on Active orders and edit if necessary.  Once the order is completed you will receive an email.

 March 2017

1.2. Printing Random Pages from Existing PDF

How to pick random pages from a PDF to create new file.

Open original pdf with Preview - ensure that the view is set to 'Thumbnails'

On the thumbnails, click on the pages you want.

Command-click allows you to pick non-continuous pages. When the pages you want are selected go to File - Print.  

Set the radio button for Selected Pages in Sidebar

In the bottom left-corner under PDF, click the drop down and choose Save As PDF

This opens a Finder window and you can name and save your pdf file with just the selected pages.


1.3. Combining PDF Pages

Documents sent to the print center via web submission need to be in a final, ready-to-print format.  i.e. We cannot accept a multi- page pdf file with the request to print just pages2 and 4.

Below are instructions for editing pdf files using Preview.

If your document opens with Adobe Reader by default, you can change it to Preview by highlighting the file, right click and choose Open With.  Select Preview.  You can also highlight the file, go to File menu and choose Open With - Preview


If you want pages 2 and 4 of a multiple page PDF file, use the Print function in Preview.

I’ve opened the 2016-17 Staff Directory (49 pages) and want to save pages 2 and 4 and have just those 2 pages submitted to the print center.  The process is to save page 2 and page 4 individually and then combine them into one new pdf file.

Open document and choose File – Print from the top menu:


In the Print dialog box that opens, change the page selection to just page 2, and then from the bottom left-hand corner, click the drop-down and choose ‘Save as PDF’.



Now save your single page pdf file.


Repeat the above process and save page 4.


Now open the newly saved Page2 file by itself again using Preview, and insert the page4 pdf file.  Go to the Edit menu at the top, Insert and Insert Page from File and choose your page 4 from the Finder window that opens.


You will now have page 2 and 4 combined to create one pdf.  It will be named as the original file you opened.


This 2 page pdf is what you can submit to the Print Center.